Our group provides comprehensive care and management for your injured workers.

Our group is listed with most major MPNs for many Insurance Carriers and TPAs.

You can check out our list of MPNs or contact our office and we can verify for you.

We also provide Occupational Health Services to assist in ensuring your employees meet the requirements of the job functions.

Additionally, let our group of specialists help you make proper decisions that address those employees that require “reasonable accommodation”.

Our management team can provide you with safety overviews that are compliant with OSHA and OSHA 501. Let our group assist you in developing your IIPP. We can help your employees stay safe and reduce your “lost work days”.

We provide Family Practice and we can help you keep your work population healthy by developing exercise programs and creating on-site courses on health and nutrition. Healthy employees result in fewer “lost work day” and increased productivity.

We will work directly with your private insurance carrier to provide preventative services.

Be sure to ask about our “ON-SITE” services.