Why You Should Get A Flu Shot

Nearly all parents in the United States know when it’s time for their children to get a flu shot. However, many adults don’t realize that they should be getting vaccinated as well.

Other adults may be worried about the side effects and problems that they’ve heard may occur with the flu shot. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more with seniors and people more susceptible to the dangers of the flu than ever before, preventing them from receiving the shot and, thus, exposing themselves to a potentially dangerous consequences.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the flu shot and why it’s not nearly as scary as some people would have you believe.

Benefits of Flu Shots

The main benefit of getting a flu shot is to limit the severity of seasonal influenza. For most people, the flu won’t force them to go to the hospital, but even healthy people can get sick for weeks at a time with the flu. This can obviously cause issues at work and with an individual’s personal life.

Young children and seniors are much more likely to get the flu and face serious repercussions, however. Every year many people die or face long hospital stays that compromise their overall health because of the flu.

Getting a flu shot can help alleviate illness in adults and teens, while helping to ensure that those susceptible to serious flu-related medical concerns don’t face a health crisis due to the spread of influenza.

Are Flu Shots Really Safe?

The short answer is yes, flu vaccines are safe for almost every person out there. In fact, hundreds of millions of Americans have gotten a flu vaccine safely over the past 50 years according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The flu vaccine is so safe that the CDC recommends every person over six months of age get the vaccine every year.

Side Effects

Like almost all vaccines and medical treatments, the flu shot does have some potential side effects. Bear in mind, though, that not everybody who gets the shot will experience side effects, and many people who get vaccinated won’t notice any side effects at all.

The most common short-term side effects reported are soreness, redness or irritation near the injection site, headache, fever, nausea and muscle weakness. These side effects tend to be mild and dissipate quickly, often within a day or two. Some cases of fainting after receiving the vaccine have been reported, but these are rare.

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